Good pledge tidings

Thanks to the intervention of “The JB,” I was spared the unreal act of waking up in the 5:00 a.m. hour, to co-pitch “Rocket 88” on KDHX yesterday. Perhaps that extra sleep, a bracing dose of sugar and a full moon all helped me to a superhuman energy level, which added to the mania of the “rare third KDHX pledge drive” last night. The energy didn’t go for naught and I think I can speak for Amanda Doyle in saying “thanks.” With a bravura return of pledges, we exceeded our goal by a bit, with some outrageously generous memberships granted. Fantastic stuff for the station and quite gratifying on a personal basis, I must say.

The only question, of course, being: when is it too early to begin stressing over the “true” spring pledge drive? Think I’ll start in, oh, a week.