I’m in love

With my Nikon D50, of course.

Attended the Fragile Porcelain Mice show at Pop’s tonight and grabbed what images I could, over a few hours.

Would love to get my hearing back. Until then, I’ll sort through pics. And, since blogger won’t load a doggone photo here, I’ll stick ’em over at my flickr page, accessible to the right.

One thought on “I’m in love

  1. ahhh, fragile. one of my very first “dates” was to a fragile show at mississippi nights. it was an experience. the boy bought me a long-stemmed rose and told me tales of another fragile show in which the singer used a razor to shave some skin off his chest–then he threw it to the crowd… everyone in the pit dove for it. creepy? yes. genius? quite possibly. i still regret never having seen sinister dane.

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