Gaslight @ night

So I was running around this evening, taking some night shots, including the compositionally imprecise pic accompanying this entry, a shot of construction from the Gaslight Square project in midtown. Thing is, I’m trying to be a bit more bold, in shooting both people and places. That kinda goal’s gotta be weighed out against common sense, I’m learning quickly.

Since I was a couple blocks from Gaslight, I dropped by and snapped one pic, before hearing some distinct rustling in the area around/behind this little earth-mover. What followed was that moment of distinct “presence,” when you realize someone’s nearer than you’d like them to be. I thought I’d grab at least one more snap, this off-centered one, before hearing the distinct sound of a bottle being thrown, and landing with a mild, but distinct breakage.

It was the last photo of the evening, bye-bye!