The Gene-Jeanne Show

Wouldn’t be a week without some type of Gaslight Square mention. Intended to post last night, after attending the first of a two-night run of “Back to Gaslight Square,” a tasty musical revue at the quasi-posh Finale nightclub, featuring Jeanne Trevor and Gene Lynn and a fivesome of top STL players. But I was already beaten to the punch on that by the time I got home. This fast-moving web, it moves so fast!

The best moment came while stepping into the hallway, only to spot a comely, monied, young woman in a tight-fitting pink dress, loudly arguing on the phone with (boyfriend? girlfriend?) “Chris,” a real set-to if ever there was one. Cell phone manners be damned, this conversation had to happen then and there, no question. Meanwhile, audible from inside the venue: Jeanne Trevor working her way through the definitive Gaslight track, “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most.” I would’ve suggested the irony of the moment to the lady in pink, but thought better.

Didn’t sell any books, but had a delightful time.